1-Step Staple Fiber Plants

Gulf Fibre company (Pvt) Ltd. compact 1-step short spinning lines have an excellent flexibility regarding to the processibility of raw materials (PET, R-PET, PP, PA6) and titer range. These plants enable a highly economical production of fibers for a wide range of downstream processes e.g. carpets or textiles.


2-Step Staple Fiber Plants

Gulf Fibre Company (Pvt) Ltd. 1step staple fiber plants are designed to meet highest quality requirements at minimum operational cost.

The largest plant with production capacities of 40 tons p/d guarantee high production yields under absolutely stable conditions for the production of high quality PET cotton type fibers.

Beyond this, Gulf Fibre (Pvt) Ltd. offers 2-step lines for the production of staple fibers with most efficient properties out of PET, PP, PA or bicomponent for a wide variety of applications like hygiene or medical products, Textiles or concrete reinforcements.


Staple FORCE S 1000

You want:
… to flexibly produce different products?
… to produce economically small lots?
... to reduce waste during product changes?
… to develop new products?
… to have more influence on our fiber quality?
… to be independent?
… a small compact plant?

In this case Gulf Fibre (Pvt) Ltd. has developed the new Staple FORCE S 1000 for you. The result is a staple fiber plant unsurpassed in terms of flexibility and economy.

  • Low initial investment

    - No investment in steam or HTM supply
    - Plant needs only electrical connections, chilled water &  compressed   air.
  • Economical plant

    - Compact construction enables minimum space requirement of only 450 m²,   as well as utilization of an industrial floor no adapted foundations necessary
    - Spinning beam with integrated Dowtherm system needs no
    maintenance, no welding during erection
    - Integrated Dowtherm system leads to reduced heat loss
    - Simplyfied new drawing process makes steam and hot air channels               unnecessary
    - Low energy consumption and low waste rate during product Change.
  • Easy handling

    - Due to easy-to-operate components, the plant can be operated by only 1+1   operators
    - Top loading spin packs enable easy handling and short changing times
  • High process reliability

    - Short process chain due to compact construction
    - Better fiber qualities in comparison to customary one-step continuous           processes
  • Full-scope supply

    - From raw material feeding to baling incl. engineering services
    - Customer center with pilot line and textile laboratory for development
    and customer trials
    - Support for the calculation and evaluation of business opportunities