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About Our Company

Gulf Fiber Company (Pvt) Ltd. was founded in 1999 and was the pioneer of Regenerated polyester fiber in Pakistan. Gulf Fiber Company (Pvt) Ltd. was the first Company in Pakistan to fabricate and start the first self fabricated plant of regenerated polyester fiber. The Company established another line of Pes. Fiber in 2005 of capacity 3600 tones per year. Later the Company enhanced its capacity to 12000 tons per Year. Initially the co. started its operation from recycling of polyester waste of ICI, Rupali and Dewan Salman Fibers but in 2001-2 when the was pet bottles seen here and there, the Company started recycling of pet bottles flakes. Thus providing a social service to Society, started manufacturing of fiberfil for home textile articles. The Company has a big share in the market of filteration and hometextiles.

(i) Polyester Wadding sheet is ready to be sandwich and comforters and piller etc. (ii) Fusing interlining is used as a liner and interliner in garments and home textile article.

in accordance with the request of modern enterprise, we have established efficient, organized, talented, and rigorous management system, organizational structure and a mature EPR System.



We have a mission to be a preferred choice of our customers with the best service and to ensure continued development of new polyester fiber technologies that will meet our customers' needs in the future. It is one of the suitable most staple fiber with high-tech spinning techniques. It has been a market leader with consistent quality and superior marketability in the apparel, home fashions, and industrial markets. With our consumer credibility, our polyester staple fiber represents some of the most innovative new products in the industry. the supernatural micro fiber changed the way we think about polyester staple fiber forever. The optic white, hollow conjugated polyester fiber and the fine denier polyester staple fiber that combine super soft comfort with incredible stability.


To become number one in the regenerated polyester staple fiber manufacturing by recycling every PET bottle which is thrown into waste with world class recycling facilities to create wealth for our stakeholders through conducting business around social and environmental concerns.